Intelligent bike path on campus

1 October 2021 – MICD and the Do IoT Fieldlab will soon have ‘the most intelligent bike path in the Netherlands’ constructed on the TU Delft campus. This strip, 25 m in length, is equipped with a comprehensive monitoring system (both above and underground). The data this produces will help road authorities to improve the design of our bicycle networks and achieve even smarter ways of managing bicycle traffic.

The intention is for sensors in, under and above the road surface to provide an anonymised yet razor-sharp picture of traffic flows on the cycle path. It should then be clear how many cyclists and scooters are driving, in what direction and at what speed. The weather is measured, there is visibility of crossing traffic and pedestrians in the immediate area, and ‘near misses’ are recorded.

The ingenious construction of the cycle path consists of separate elements made of recycled plastic. Because the plastic panels are not solid, this cycle path can also be used to store water, for example during heavy rainfall.

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