MICD made 3 contributions to this year’s Transportation Research Board (TRB) congress in Washington. This annual congress brings together international experts, researchers and policymakers to discuss various challenges and issues within the transport sector and share knowledge. With the contributions from MICD, this knowledge is shared with a global audience.

Crowd Safety Manager
One of MICD’s submissions was the Crowd Safety Manager. This paper introduces an innovative approach for better crowd management at large events. It uses data collection, integration and visualisation with a 3D Digital Twin and artificial intelligence for risk identification.

Multi drone
The second contribution introduces a clever way to control drones using differential game theory. This involves improving the behaviour of a drone by taking into account the expected behaviour of other drones.

Self-driving vehicles
The last contribution examines the acceptance of self-driving vehicles, focusing not only on drivers but also on passengers. For self-driving vehicles to be widely accepted, it is crucial that both drivers and passengers accept them.

About the Transport Research Board
The TRB is part of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine committee in America. A group of selected members periodically compiles a list of critical issues within the transport sector. This list highlights how transport has become increasingly linked to broader issues in society and the economy, and the role transport plays in energy and environmental issues. The conference programme covers all forms of transport, with sessions and workshops on topics of interest to policymakers, administrators, users, researchers and representatives of government, industry and academic institutions.

Learn more about the Transport Research Board and its mission here.

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