Transport Thursday

A groundbreaking initiative uniting TU Delft researchers with leading professionals in the transport and mobility sector.

Transport Thursday invites you to an afternoon dedicated to exploring the intricate world of multi-modal traffic and transportation data and networking event. This event is the first in a series designed to bridge TU Delft researchers with leading professionals in the transport and mobility sector, aiming to foster collaboration, share innovative insights, and build lasting partnerships to address the complexities of our field.

About the Talks:

Data and Traffic Management – Developments among Road Managers

Speaker: Olaf Vroom, NDW
Dive into the evolution of data science ambitions at the National Road Traffic Data Portal (NDW) and the National Mobility Data Access Point. Olaf Vroom will share insights into short-term projects aimed at implementation, including interactive traffic management (TM2.0) and regional network management. The talk will also cover long-term goals focused on research, advanced AI algorithms, multimodal solutions integration, and the development of national and European data ecosystems.

A Decade of Research in Traffic Data Ecosystems: Challenges and Innovations

Speaker: Hans van Lint, DiTTLAB
Hans van Lint will present a compelling overview of a decade’s worth of research within DiTTLAB, showcasing a built data ecosystem in close collaboration with NDW. This ecosystem addresses a wide array of research questions and is actively used to explore traffic predictability and the limitations of current technologies and methodologies in forecasting traffic conditions.

Panel Discussion: Bridging Science and Practice in Transportation Data

Host: Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, Innovation & Impact Center, Delft University of Technology
Panelists: Hans van Lint, Olaf Vroom, and the Audience
This engaging panel discussion, led by Sascha Hoogendoorn-Lanser, will feature a dialogue between our speakers and the audience on the synergies between scientific research and practical application in transportation data. The discussion aims to uncover the challenges and opportunities in fostering collaboration across these fields, promising a deep dive into the future of transportation data utilization.

Registration Information:

Attending is free; but pre-registration is required. Please secure your spot by sending an email with the subject “Registration Transport Thursday 25 April 2024” to

Venue information:

Lijm & Cultuur
Adress: Rotterdamseweg 272 2628 AT Delft