Swarm intelligence in mobility

6 September 2021 – An international consortium of 20 knowledge institutions, companies and governments is investigating the potential of swarm intelligence in traffic and transport in the new European project DIT4TraM. MICD has been asked to coordinate the project.

Our traffic system is becoming increasingly complex, especially in urban areas. This makes it almost impractical to manage traffic in the traditional centralised way anymore. Therefore, the parties behind DIT4TraM are investigating the possibility of directing traffic locally and bottom-up. To do so, they deploy swarm intelligence, also known as distributed intelligence.

MICD has been asked to coordinate the project and to manage a total of six pilots in four EU countries. These are very different applications, such as distributed regional traffic management and a real-time auction for prioritising traffic at crossroads. The project has a budget of €5 million and runs until September 2021.

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