15 July 2020 The thousands of students, members of staff, and visitors generate a lot of traffic flows at the TU Delft Campus. MICD and her partners want to make those flows more insightful with the new Outdoor Mobility Digital twin (OMDt).

Such a digital twin is a digital representation of reality, in this case the traffic flows of cyclists, pedestrians, scooters, cars and buses. The twin will be fed with existing data sources, and new monitoring systems shall also be rolled out and tested.

The better the coverage of this data, the better our insights into traffic: when is it quiet, when is it busy, what conditions (such as weather) play a role and so on. The aim is to use good analysis for continuously improved forecasting and to make the right provisions to organise traffic smoothly and safely. It goes without saying that a lot of focus is also placed on privacy and safe data processing.

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