19 May 2021 MICD has launched the Smart Mobility Hub project together with the Department of Transport & Planning in the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences. Our researchers want to use VR (virtual reality) to create the ideal mobility hub.

A mobility hub is an interchange where different modes of transport come together, such as buses, shared cars, shared bikes and so on. The idea is that such a hub will make switching simple, smooth and attractive. For this new project, MICD and TU Delft are investigating how to set up the hub for that purpose.

Surveys and VR

The research partly consists of surveys to get a clear picture of travellers’ needs. VR is also used to test how travellers experience a virtual environment. What do they find to be a logical walking route? What facility do they expect at a given location? Which supplementary services, such as a parcel drop box, toilets or a kiosk, are a valuable addition? For this project, a section of Delft’s city centre will be recreated in a digital environment. The research will be set up so that the results are useful for a large group of municipalities. In any case, the project will run until May 2023.

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