This week marks the exciting start of the metaCCAZE Project, a groundbreaking initiative funded by HorizonEurope.

The project focuses on accelerating the deployment of intelligent systems for electric, automated, and connected mobility in European cities. Our mission: develop six innovative urban mobility technologies, tested in Trailblazer Cities – Amsterdam, Munich, Limassol, and Tampere. The learnings from the first cities will lead to further development of technologies and activities to six Follower Cities – Athens, Krakow, Gonzo, Milan, Miskolc, and the Paris region.

The foundation for this collaboration is the passionate commitment of 43 partners from 12 European countries.

As Dutch partners, Mobility Innovation Centre Delft, along with TU Delft TU Delft | Civil Engineering and Geosciences , Argaleo, Gemeente Amsterdam, AMS Institute, Zoev City, Townmaking Institute, and Technolution, we are proud to be at the forefront of this transformative project.

Together, we’re shaping the future of urban mobility and contributing to sustainable city living.