New collaboration: RDW

New collaboration! We are proud to announce that we are starting a long term collaboration with the Netherlands Vehicle Authority (RDW).

Together, RDW and TU Delft scientists, we will define several research topics, varying from data driven predictions to practical tests in our fieldlab. In designing future mobility systems, incorporating knowledge about human behaviour, sustainability, legislation and practical solutions is key. With this new collaboration, TU Delft and MICD will advise RDW and train a number of RDW employees. In return, RDW is a valuable partner to us on several aspects, ranging from their extensive practical knowledge to their broad European partner network. This collaboration will be fusing research, science and practice; the added value lies in the reciprocal exchange of knowledge in specific areas.

Designing future mobility systems is highly complex. With simulation studies, we can envision in detail the effects of different traffic measures. For example, if we can allow autonomous vehicles driving on highways at a shorter intermediate distance, what will be the consequences for travel safety? And how can we influence travelers’ behavior for optimal use of the different modalities? Creating detailed forecasts and testing multiple scenarios in real life circumstances, will speed up the introduction of innovative mobility solutions. By joining forces, we are expanding our vast mobility ecosystem; in the Netherlands as well as within Europe.